We supply the gas In two sizes of cylinders, containing respectively forty and one hundred gallons, either pure OAjlglMd
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tinued as long as it is agreeable to the patient. Early in the disease it
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rhus senilis, peripneumonia notha, bastard pleuris}^, suffocative catarrh, etc.
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manner which proved that they were not the seat of suffering ;
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times more uric acid than lithia. Dose, 15 Grains per day,
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all respects, the same, although obstipation is a common feature. They
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presented an experimental thesis on atmospheric air, ^.hich, in
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mercui-y has been looked upon as a remedy having reference specially to
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the enlargement having taken place, as shown by physical examinations,
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before meals or immediately after. Increased or di-
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the distended stomach, and symptoms denoting loss of blood, viz., feeble-
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lack of resolution have a depressing effect which, in some cases, tells
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in five cases occurring in children, in all of which the characteristics
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—Prognosis— Treatment. Pleuritis with Pneumothorax— Anatomical Cliaracters— Clinical
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practical value in determining the existence, situation, size, and character
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than lon^ and constitute a small lamina." *' There is not perceived the
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affection has no anatomical characters except those of ordinary bronchitis.
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tinues pale, listless, weak, with cough and expectoration, here
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his part in the improvement of medicine, and '' straining every
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examination of the bodies of the healthiest persons would probably reveal
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eases and Observation of the Immediate effects of Therapeutical Measures —
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all forms and combination without having succeeded in enabling
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inquiry, he informed me that, for economy's sake, it was made of
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rarely inflamed in conjunction with acute hepatitis. The etiology of the
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he recovered from this, he broke out into a profuse perspiration;
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Fees: Matriculation ^^5.00. First and second years, each
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Chemist and Graduate of the Ecole Centtale des Arts et Manufactures de Paris " (France^
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sub-seroiis areolar tissue. It forms in each side a shut sac. Its offices are
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than at any other period, owing to its having accumulated during sleep.
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insane department of the Commercial Hospital, of that city, under
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about an hour and a half after the bite. No other means were
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appearance of the others. The stroma of the mass and pedicle
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after the ingestion of liquid, a succussion sound in walking, resembling
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constipated for several da3'S, and then, if movements do not spontaneously