pression, and an opening was readily found leading directly into one of the
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advantage lies in the fact thaty in order to keep the iee-bag where it
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Pemiciotis cases with severe gastro-intestinal symptoms
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or the so-called '^aromatic baths." These are prepared by adding to a
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endocarditis. Lamb mentions five cases who developed coryza and five
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be excited without eliciting expressions of pain, would rather tell in favour
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and two years old, and begins with vesicles which dry into scabs. These
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thus stimulating digestion and making the mneous membrane better abk
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morals and intelligence of other professional men, and it requires very little
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Sept. 12. Patient complains that there is a " drop of movable fluid" in
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with enoufi^ grated nutmeg to prevent strangury, 3 times a day.] Bensoio
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when it is desired to stimulate the walls of the stomach and intestines, as
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tions. The upper lid was much swollen and elongated, but not very red.
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and other vegetables, bread, and fruit, and at the same time limits the
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grams of blood ; or, as the specific gravity of blood is about 1050, 730 c. c.
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and witiiout collar or anything tight about the neck or waist (in the
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the commencement of the sickness. No blood was at any time passed by the
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and echoed in gladness the tribute of Nature's young apostle.
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the only etiological factor. The histological findings in the central ner-
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he had seen a number of children with navels ulcerating for weeks with
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the same time and in the same place by Dr. Symington of New York,
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tomaticaUy, the treatment with iodides is of good service in such cases^
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where vomiting must be avoided. The author alwa3rs combines with it
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seen two patients with well-developed locomotor ataxia, in whom, with
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was visible evidence of suffering. I satisfied myself from questioning that
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gulled, it is argued that they ought to have the privilege. — " Si populus
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Case XXXIV. — A woman, aged 26, had paresis of the sixth nerve on the left
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The other members were all suffering from whooping-cough at the sue
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must be within the same plane ; this is especially true of animal tissues of
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quently encountered, such as ^'puncture headache," pain in the legs
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with a layer of lampblack, and an electro-magnetic lever so arranged