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of winter. Those with feeble circulation and poor assimilation will nearly

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Taper, with ita irritating and corrosive action on the mucous membrane,

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the median line between the corpora quadrigemini. If the observations of

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thought to have fitness for hospital superintendencies, certainly other men

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Surgical Operations on the Pelvic Organs of Pregnant Women. By Matthew D.

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acid diathesis, obesity, or intestinal disturbances, partfcularly by chronic

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greenish-white, tasteless and odorless flakes, with the same dosage as

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upon making any continued exertion, and a slight tickling cough during the

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M. et sig. — ^To be taken in the morning in three or four doses, a half

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of a rest and dietetic cure, the duration and stringency of irtddi ifl

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slighter degrees of hypnosis. Janet compels the i>atient, under partial

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1 Introductory Lecture delivered by H. Willis Baxfey, M. D., Professor of Anatomy

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As soon as the desired amount of solution has been injected, the needk

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hhi the patient should remain in bed and absolutely necessary that he

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the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute upon nearly one hundred patients

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on the shoulder, a crepitating sensation was experienced under the fingers, simu-

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ent unhealthiness of large hospitals, described as " hospitalism," Mr.

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The kidney was found imbedded in a mass of old and recent clots, which pushed

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it is practicable. He recommended the use of the curette for controlling

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mating and shaking, are used. In the former, the abdominal wall is hit

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mine the true relations of the infrequent disease I have described, it will

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delivered in half an hour in the presence of several members of the obstetric

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25th. 20th day ; 17th of fever, 10 A. M. P. 88 ; T. 99.6°. Desqua-

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cible vomiting are indications for artificial alimentation if not suralimentation.

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This is the result, which, a priori, would be expected : the surprise is that

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come — ia not present. This underlying cause may be atrophy of the

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first year of life, I have endeavored to make fasting treatment safe as

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case in her lap, the occiput being pressed directly inwards. The child

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the under surface of the deltoid muscle is situated a large bursa (Fig. 4),

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very similar act of writing. Essentially both the functions are acquire-