successful mode of treatment, and this was decidedly worthy of trial.

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would probably involve this direct tract and thus produce a disturbance

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finger. Of the index finger there remains only the stump of the first pha-

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1 ; twenty-two hours, 1 ; one day, 2 ; four days, 1 ; five days, 2 ; seven

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sanatoria are found in Carlsbad, Eissingen, Wiesbaden, Badai-Bado,

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cedema of the sikin, and joint pains. Mild symptoms, especially the skin

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cases. He inquired whether anything could be done to remedy and prevent the

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sorted to only when all other methods fail. Only small amounts of blood

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The hair fell out. A most marked symptom in the more advanced cases was

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If our i>articular aim is to relieve dyspnoea or severe symptoms of

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communications for it must be made to the publishers.

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bly augmented by repeated applications of a solution of carbonate of soda

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ing, examples are those at Homburg, Eissingen, Salzscfalirf (Hesse-

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cially if the ulcer has induced a hemorrhage or is believed to have peoe-

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She died six months afterward, from increasing dyspnoea and orthopnoca, and

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pied by the papillomatous projections, ulcerations develop, the appearance of

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salt springs containing iodine and bromine are preferred, particularly

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in any operation on the bodies of spinal vertebras — where the hemorrhage was

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was removed from the left jugular, the injection made, and the disk started

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(7 gr.) either in a single dose or in divided doses (2-3 in an hoar). Ike

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fulfilled by water-dressings behind the ears. The bowels were regulated,

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that prolonged vitality in the foetus is largely dependent upon the period

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engorged. The corpora striata and optic thalami were congested, especially on

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of whom concur in stating that they have never seen or read of precisely

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finally to cathartics. Two principles concerning their use in general

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Visual fields of the left eye were now obtainable, and, being carefully

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In a general way, all diseases accompanied by complete anorexia and incoer-