lineage ; to the overburdened New-England farmer, to whom,

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in his native town, and in 1875 entered Rutgers College, graduating

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measures, opiates and chloroform figure prominently. Dr. Wendt

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they will grow and do good, as is and will be proved by the

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disease the bacteria are found in that class which, by its anal-

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traction, who adhered closely to the old Sabbatarian

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tion of a homoeopathist. He proposes to utilize them. But,

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switching from crestor and lipitor dose equivalent

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Association, also the New York Neurological Organization, and the

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rooms of the Society, No. 13 Mechanic Street, Worcester, was

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Indigo. — Violent itching at the anus, with pin-worms ; scanty

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may occur more gradually in those whose health is broken down,

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In the year 1853 Dr. Bicknell's father moved to Jeffer-

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fairly with this eye, so that he can make his way on the street.

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first means will be replaced by provisional intrabuccal

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Psychology, to enable the medical students to understand and make

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Amongst cold steel weapons we may include the bayonet,

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a member of the Detroit Board of Health. In June of

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chair of general and special anatomy in the Albany Med-

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tion be prevented. Probably most cases of acute rheumatism get along as

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aspect of Cancer, and has written many articles, and his two books

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in spite of the arthrotomy, of incisions, and of intermittent

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the " great discovery " had been schoolboys' knowledge to the

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natural enough; but sometimes the carcinoma is complicated by an extraor-

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but the recent successes of the Christian scientists have proven

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of two such works marks an epoch, not only in the history of homoeopathy,

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Stale Examiners for conferring medical degrees. He was

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.have a well-marked development of lung-disease; and I was not surprised to find,

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then set sail for New York which was destined to be the scene of

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sciousness of the event is denied ; and many circumstances, seen

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it " jumps from one joint to another." To-day this joint will be affected and

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pitals of Heidelberg, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Paris and London.

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was for two years president of the Chicago Electrical Society; was

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or consulting staff, and at last was the sole survivor of the original

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" First aid has been better understood of late years, but

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until it does. When the eversion is complete, it is maintained

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drugs, are using their best endeavors to prevent this source of

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