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are swollen. It may have its epithelium detached, and at times it is cov-
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than in acute inflammation, is usually of a dull, aching character, is
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where the infection gets directly into the vein, as occurs in septic
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arteries for reasons which have already been fully considered in connection
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together they may become firmly adherent and all motion between the
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conJunctivEe are somewhat congested. The patient is restless, tossing in
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they can be given without fear of injury in nearly every case. It is claimed
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of the muscle is located and the muscle drawn inward. As it is drawn
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and emphysema are present in those cases where death occurs during con-
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cases that are treated with cathartics during the first week of the fever,
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must be on his guard for the occurrence of this complication.
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This method will be found successful in all recent cases.
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wasted chest and limbs. Ascites is sometimes present, and enlargement
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There are two methods of performing vaccination. One method is to
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the limb, the tumor becomes more turgid and the return circulation of
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ments, and that these, making their way into the pelvis, cause pyelitis.
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mation. If there are evidences of local or general peritonitis, opium must
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is especially marked about the vessels, and shades off gradually into the
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Second. — That this poison is communicated from the sick to the
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diminish heart power, or induce slowing of the blood current, will induce
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appearance of all unfavorable symptoms. The temperature may even be-
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Senile emphysema differs from the variety which has just been described
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times becomes violent. The urine is dark and scanty. There may be great
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to the diagnosis of emphysema, the doubt will disappear after a physical
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over the epigastrium. This is rapidly followed by an intense burning pain
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pregnancy, usually abort during an attack of relapsing fever.
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the shortened adductors are torn asunder. All ligaments, or other
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dvspnoea becomes so intense as to be a source of immediate danger to the
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by a critical diarrha3a, or, rarely, by bleedings from mucous surfaces.
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the lateral sinus and an infected thrombus result, while in other cases
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mined with almost equal certainty that heat production, as it depends
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4. Injury to Other Structures. Injury to a joint, main artery to
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paralyzed, the lower jaw drops, the tongue hangs out of the mouth and
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the filled ventricles contract and blood is thrown through the arterial