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is to cause abortion, but that the cases recover without puerperal fever.

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paper interesting for its subject-matter, but also as a contrast in style

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After this introductory chapter, we have the first part of the volume,

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result from the common vices of the age. Hashish, chloral, chloroform

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in New York Polyclinic, Department of Nervous Diseases.

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drium ; pulse 80, full ; skin cool and dry ; bowels open once.

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cine at the London Hospital, Official Analyst to the Home Office, Medical

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matured opinions upon vexed questions of theory and of practice, tabulated

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cerebritis and associated with a curious reduplication of ideas both in

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At the end of this time the diphtheria bacilli have grown, while other

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as the head of the humerus ; it gives no aid in maintaining the latter in

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content of alkaline phosphates, and, therefore, the greater the quantity

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tuberculous process has healed, leaving only a contracted apex, the pa^

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mt begun again. Magnesium perhydrol, three times daily, in powder

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toms identical with those of patients bitten by copperheads, and seen by

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leg would increase three to four inches, this swelling again subsiding when

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indicated, of course, in cardiac or rensl insufficiency and in arterio-

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value. They do not shorten the duration of the disease, prevent rdapse,

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d every kind of mineral water. A naturalfy or artificially high tem^

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smelling like hyacinths, and is best given in pills or gelatin capnlei

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thesia. It was not based upon any post-mortem discovery of a lesion in

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Mr. F. A. Southam reports the case of a youth, ast. 18 years, who had a con-

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reach from the sternum to the middle of the back, is then pressed down

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limbs: it was then observed that she tottered in her walk; during this time

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<m the subject The regulation of the diet is the most important d iD