quantities ef alkalies shonld be given several times a day. (For a fuller
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eases that a lack of the salivary ferment obliges us to find a substitute.
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sheet Gradually we proceed to rubbing with alcohol and then wifk
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from a p\iblic house, who was seized and ravished on the road, and who found, in at-
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the intestinal tract. Enemas of salt soluticm should be used to move tks
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Of lobar and of lobular (respectively croupous and catarrhal) pneu-
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authorities still prescribe alkaline waters, and sometimes evidently with
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and where, consequently, this "increase of nourishment" must be wanting
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A committee was appointed to investigate the subject, and in six weeks
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Salt, Smoked, and Pickled Meats: Dried beef, smoked meats,
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eczema, even in the most severe cases, the connective tissue remains un-
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For notes kindly furnished concerning the treatment of the patient
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There remains to be diaeoned the then^y of: (1) neoplasBM of &
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Prof. P. G. Cederschjold (Neue Zeitsch. fur Geb., vol. x., 1841) states,
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followed by bad results. The rashes may appear in the region of tke
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bends the foot, restoring the arch, and confines the foot in that position
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in which tepid or cool tub baths, full or half baths, sitz baths, sponge
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by Puerperal Fever. Preservation of Life, with Total Loss
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Dr. R. B. Boxtecou, of Troy, narrates his experience with External
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which no fecal matter or bile is brought up. It should be noted, however,
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which he recovered, and on the 29th went to work. During August he had much
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and consequent impaction, or the apex of the occiput is dislocated or
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several authors, whom he names, seems to be founded upon his taking their
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system. The facts of chief importance in this action were : 1. the arrest of the
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Vio-44 ^0 every 15 minutes up to 0.12-050 Q. (2-3 gr.) will dta
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succeed in breaking up the attack, we must depend upcm symptomatie
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grene is seen penetrating the outer surface of the upper lip, which appears
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ni^t, especially after midnight, when the patient's vitality is lowest.