Appetite excellent. Strength improving. Ordered an enema to be given
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Pleiner's combination of two parts broth to three parts sweet white wine.
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abatement of the temperature of about seven-tenths of a degree (C.) ; this abate-
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cotton, or else rapidly sacked oat with an elastic catheter. This mmt he
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N. Y. Eye Infirmary, in order to have the deformity of his face repaired by a
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generations an overwhelming sex desire of the male is generally and
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dose given in the U. S. P. is 20-40 min. twice daily.]
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beUadomuti 0.02-0.05 O. (^-% gr.), <x the extract of stranMmiom,
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[I agree with von Noorden in recommending a gradual increase of the
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eanse of the dyspepsia,— hyperehlorhydria. In that case, raUier lugt
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nerves. There remained at the acme of the choking nothing but
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In 1881, Professor Erb published his first series of 100 cases of tabes dorsalis.
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tesis, when fluid was in the tympanic cavity, the membrane of the drum
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and the snuffing of the candle produced great agitation, incessant hawking
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The author has evidently lost but little of his enthusiasm, and this
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who have been subject to neurasthenia, to some other nervous affection or
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case of purpura. The limb was cold, and she suffered agonizing pain in it, which
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tetanus in the adult, it will be apparent that the statistics presented do
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is manifest in most of the writings of those who use it in the quantity
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plasters and cantharides blisters should be avoided (see p. 322). [Strap-
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case is also of value as an illustration of a form of aphasia which is
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Voice, Song, and Speech : A Practical Guide for Singers and Speakers. From the
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In dealing with enlarged granular masses of synovial membrane in resection of
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lesions of the heart into two classes, those in patients up to fifty years of age, and
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we have had no plausible explanation for the action of the alkalies in
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the distinctive character implanted upon these two structures in foetal life
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patients. And while I can scarcely believe that the patient would have
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can be extracted after the manner of ptomaines. The gastro-intestinal irritation
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In one case it is stated that the patient failed to recognize his friends.
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enthusiasm of Laennec and Lis immediate followers concerning the cer-
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