case a sacrifice appears thus to have been made in the terseness and vigor
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terval of the quinia mixture to three hours, and added fifteen minims of
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for the author's selection of plain rhubarb. The magnesia will hdp to
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which are comprised under the term Exophthalmic Goitre ; and it was
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lay on his back with his head retracted. There was no muscular atrophy. His
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a distinctly progressive character. As to the nature of the changes themselves,
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paper, the sciatica closely coincided with the commencement of the pulmonary
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Alcohol* — ^Every strongly alcoholic drink is strictly forbidden, ^usept
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vol. iii., v.; L'Imparziale, Florence, Italy, vol. xiv.; Medical Reports, Shanghai, 1876^
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pathology of the disease. As has been already shown, this is accounted
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that it keeps the head of the humerus against the glenoid cavity, and pre-
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In fact, no other drug of the various ones recommended by different
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their loss of haemoglobin and consequent transparency, while the cell wall
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seemed to be the most sensitive to the poison, and deaths followed almost
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0.0005 G. (Viw gr.) up to a maximum dose of 0.001 Q. (V« gr.) 3
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it was difficult to get the patient to do without the tube, and points out
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by an osseous spur, which extended the entire length of that portion of
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A rather social city for the better class. Nordrach Banch, capadty 35,
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this one the conservative condition of free venous flow toward the heart
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they could be straightened with difficulty. Passive motions were resisted.
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with little or no expectorat]<m« Fuitiier, without the use of an expeeto-
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experienced the difference. There are regions in California which more
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Case 5. Male, aet. 42. Right hemianopsia ; central vision good. Other symp-
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of Dr. Schroder's paper. It was true that the results of ovariotomy were as
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knowledge, as he finds it embodied in the recorded labours and researches,
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I>erforation. The operation may ocmsist of excision of the nko; of
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gastric electrodes; e.g., those of Einhom, Ewald, and Wegeie. Tit
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nosis and Treatment. A Manual for Students and Practitioners. By Arthur W. Edis, M.D.
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