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I found her emaciated and feeble, unable to stand, fretful, but appa-
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thirty-five that lived to a period to render their expectancy of life equal
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sis. The autopsy showed the following cardiac lesions : " Heart some-
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M.D., and John Langton, F.R.C.S. Vol. XVIII. -8vo. pp. 493, 81.
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that can be done for the wounded man in the first instance.
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times no apparent effect was produced, sometimes the appetite was
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es, we proceed to other methods. These consist in specifie toberou-
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titis deserves especial mention. To avoid it we must take the very
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cal Ophthalmology and Otology in the University of Georgetown, and
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same purpose he may raise the arm of the diseased side during inspii*'
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siphoned off, and the tube then withdrawn. The patient then assumes the position
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Quinine, Aniipyrine, etc. — Quinine, antipyrine, arsenic, opium, bella-
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forming a little cicatricial tumour. Tuberculosis and pycemia, as Sander-
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Pyramidon (dimethylamido antipyrin) is eminently useful, no*
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The chapter devoted to urinary deposits and calculi is most incomplete
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brought forward of the extent to which pathological changes on the heart and
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years with moderation in all things. As far as drugs are coneenied,
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the author has seen the iodide treatment (1.& Q. (22 gr.) and more
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than the head. The bandages are left on IVzr^ hours, when the patient
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This disease resembles diabetes mellitus only in a certain number of
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from Hysterical Emotion ; Acquired Disease from the Common Emotions
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a definite ratio to the amount present in the general circulation; the
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If a uric acid diathesis is at the bottom of the disease, our alkaline-aaline
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position of the patient must be frequently changed. An infant may
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milk or alone; 1000 cc. (1 qt) daily of the sulphur watersy but only
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pSB daily before meals, beginning with the smallest dose and increasing
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In this very frequent condition, the diagnosis must decide whether the
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under many other circumstances is gelatin prepared [from isinglass]
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and in view of the heaviness of the head, the intimate vascular connection
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Western Infirmary, etc. etc. Philadelphia : Henry C. Lea's Son & Co., 1883.
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Dr. PancoasVs Lecture on the Art of prolonging Life}
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body of physicians as men prosecuting a vocation merely for the sake of the
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genous or proteid tissues. Since Selmi first described their production his facts
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