pl'Xiis is kei)t up dliriiiir the c\|)eiiiiH'nt. This return to the normal

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skeleton. In severe cases there is extensive osteophyte building. The

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each can be .ken by cliemical asrencies. These are the elements, and o'

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determine whether the patient is taking alkalies by mouth. The percentage

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protuberant; the cortex thickened or thinned, sponryr or eburnated; the

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teenth niOMial solutions of N.i.llIM), and Klld'O, in varying propor-

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■•It nniM li.- r.-iii.-ml..r.-.i tli .t 111. |...«. r ..( •. iiunil... .i'. - tin- iiii.-.!.. i ,,f tir.i. - Iv «lmli

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the chromaffin theory, the pigmentation being a stumbling block, as under

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llii-diiu'li it. •■iiiii sdl'trhi'il ill a uriik iilv ccriiii' sdliitiiiii. Tlic iriil lici-nii!' ■

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for the fnigments of bone. The patient recovered. Upon some

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rectly diagnosed. Different names have been given to this malady besides

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Exhaustion of the quadricep muscle either by fatigue or by faradization

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of the thyroid region, of other organs, and of the history of the case. The

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•'"•1 «itli l\Mi s|.;;iiiiir|ris In Uv I tliiivVMiy s| ,,|wii,ks. Tlic s|.i iclcrs ;dc nf (h..

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ankle-jomt or separately. The joints of the feet were involved in 53 cases.

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tremities which cannot be accounted for by vascular obstruction; a variety

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Occupation. — ^The English writers especially lay great stress on occupa-

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iircpares tlie food foi' action by the next. This intcrdeiienih'nee of the

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culosis elsewhere; the possibility of a tuberculous origin should be remem-

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cniisi(Ieri'<l as tl ciitci- of the entire mcilccnlc 'I'hc \,iri<«us amino acids

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smellin.; or thinking of food is much less than would he expected from

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ijili' tn sllifai'i- <ll'V('ln|>iii('llt liiTiiliM' .sllpprt'sscil ami tlmsr illlc In cull

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Bacteria are not infrequently present in the urine in large numbers in

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rate taken to be half what it really is. In other cases there is irregularity

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and the muscular rigidity occurs only after the influence of cold. It is in-

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•flaiMf such as the main sidivary ■rhinds, the paiu-reas, ami the livei

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intoxication, hyperplasia of the cortical portion of the suprarenal gland, with

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l-K l.t K.v|,,,., , ,,,|,.,,,n>l,r ..1 ,l„. l<.,,-,l: >,,„,. Inviituu ..1 r.,t|...|,,„v. IScUcnu II, -|i;

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but we have in reality no reasonable explanation of the remarkable

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the disease economically. When people migrate into such a district, goitre

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William Frederick Chambers, M.B. Physician to St. George's

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I'lilililill li'ss tllilll till' lliil'llllll ,'lllliillllt III' lli'liinuliillill, lillt tlirit' Nllilpi' illi'

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