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tells a great deal — " And surely," says Dr Barnes, " no one can

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the basis of the fact, proved experimentally, that meat eaters are less

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parent effect produced by the ammonia thus injected. Bitten by the

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the action of the caustic could be seen on the hydatid cyst itself,

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and laborious of living workers in the field of biological science,

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meal from night to the middle of the day or even vice versa, a neutral

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doubt depressing and relaxing to the entire system, and, hence, of course,

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Mr Moore's paper on Wounds of Vessels includes a much fuller

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three times a day, and should the disease gain ground, we must

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larly if circumscribed, as appendicitis), acute nephritis, neuritis, and less

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reduction commenced when the circumference had reached 49 inches;

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particularly on the heart, marked cyanosis, congestion of the cervical

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The animal reactions of several of the native mammals, includ-

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has any other method which the author finds recorded. (5) The records

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taneously employed — such as rest, regulated diet, etc.

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* Laurence, loc. cit. * Med. Chir. Transactions, vol. vii.

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account of its constipating effect or of the advanced age of the patient;

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immensely less sensitive to pain than human beings, and even that

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supply fresh air to them in a gentle manner, and thus the pavilions

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Dr Pattison objected to the instrument on account of its expense.

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of interaction. Animals sensitized with flax-seed globulin react

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6. Boil vigorously for 30 minutes in a double boiler, and five minutes over a

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Dormiol. — A new compound of amylene hydrate with, chloral hydrate,

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author's opinion, is tannoform. Powdered on thickly it promptly

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the body of an individual possessing a considerable degree of

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the laboratory table is a convenient source of hot water. The

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pelvis of each kidney was similarly distended, and the swelling was

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are small and ill ventilated, ground damp, water taken from tank,

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despair, however, in that direction ; I think we have not given

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where the anamnesis failed to instruct otherwise, we should prefer

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Fischer's paper on Wounds of the Heart and Pericardium, which

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