confining his instructions so closely to work by sunlight. Nine out of
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ference of the ulcerations. As one comes nearer to the ulcerations in the ex-
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Physick, M. D. By J. Randolph, M. D., Lecturer on Surgery, Member of
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Ikk note taken from Landerer'e original article has been inserted.
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dose of santonin is 0.05-0.1 G. (%-!% gr.) (for childr^ O.O1-0.05O.
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. . . ^'It is my impression that cases of long standing will actually
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attention of the thoughtful to the great significance of the influence of the
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doth. We may also, if necessary^ use a mixture of burnt magnesia, very
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carried out at Baden near Vienna, Meran, Bozen-Ories, Bildesheim, Wies-
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they are sent for publication to this Journal alone, and that abstracts of them
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no particular discussion ; their applicability and utility will occur to anj
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apparatus is duly treated of ; but no reference is made to the use of a plaster
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gently over the epiglottis. Here it is stopped for an instant, especially if the
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Less than three years have passed since we were called upon to notice
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became aware of its presence about four years ago, but had paid little attention
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rate, 2 or 3 times daily up to 0.50 6. (7^ gr.) ; phosphorus is best
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under the influence of heat. The patient excised the wounded part, and called
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Starr, A.M., M.D., Attending Physician, New York Dispensary; Assistant
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other lesion. (Levick, Amer. Journ. Med. Sci., 1866, Oct.)
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a stimulating lotion may be used once or twice a day. For this purpose
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An antidote may be given for poiscming by cyanides, although their
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which he cured by the following operation : The mucous membrane of the vagina
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unless she attempted to drink, and then they were less violent. She ex-
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cured or materially relieved many cases of great obstinacy. The aatbr
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water into the reetom by the drop method may be sabstitated. [Safiae
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paper or on a piece of doth or by evaporization of the rectified oO of
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its introduction, the list of conditions in vHiiich the drug was contra-
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pale, translucent fibrin." The right lung gave the usual evidences of the
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formerly a groom, but for the last three years has been employed as a
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is present the areola always accompanies it» but an areola alone, althooc^
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The daily dose is 100 G. (3 oz.). Elemperer speaks favorably of lecithin
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and the stomach contents are passed so quickly into the intestineB Aft
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The results in Mr. Croft's cases were certainly very satisfactory, and
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The body is then wrapped in a towd wrung out in water at 45^-50*, aad