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of ibe digestive tract, and secondary dyspepsia and catarrh, aa m tke

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stimuli freely. In a couple of days he appeared to rally in strength ; cough

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hair mattresses and pillows, changing its position carefully and frt-

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peculiar. Her body having been placed in an inclined position, her head

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anatomical inquiries, detached portions of membrane floating from prepara-

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On comparing the joint with its fellow, now that the swelling had subsided, a

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to rest on her arm all night, noticed next morning, among other symptoms,

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carbohydrates, so that the bread ration is 50-60 G. (2 oz.). The

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and scalpel ; the patient reclining on her back, and under the influence of some

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appears to be an added danger rather than a means of relief.

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borne, and if the proximity of the pneumogastric nerve did not prevent,

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limited to the cortex and did not involve the white matter. A second smaller

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specific measures applied as directly as possible to the involved nervous

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bldtter fur Augenheilkunde, 1881, p. 285). In one of these cases the irido-cho-

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If no gastric atony exists with the hyperacidity, the addition of the

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secure a finely divided emulsion. The initial dose is generally placed

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see what dreadful work has been made in the supposed copy. It is in-

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to whether the influence was direct or indirect. The action of digitalis upon the

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in the proportion of a half per cent, of the weight of the wood-wool, with an

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the first case the heat of the water at once coagulates the albumins of

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chloroform as the age of the child is to be added. The drug acts m t

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It should be mentioned here that a continnoiis hjperaeeretkm nay be

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axiom to act upon, " that when in doubt it is right to operate." The

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Antitoxin Serum. — In case of Shiga's dysentery, Ejruse's serum should

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1st. The position of the section in the skin, -which must be on a level with the

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Enemas, 250-500 cc. (^1 pt.) of water several times a day, are •onie>

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berry sauce is usefuL Between meals the patient may take half a ^aa-

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wound that the administration of rectal enemas stimulates gastrie secre-

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arteriosclerosis or a weak heart, or if for any reason it is imposnUe

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