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liquid shows creamy throu^ the bottles. Then place and keep in a cold plaee.
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and under one year of age ; and still more especially where this function
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and chyluria, notwithstanding antecedent filtration of the fluid injected.
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Dr. Meriwether, of Alabama, writes : "It generally appears sporadi-
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shoulder. The patient had suffered from similar tumours of both hands for many
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nitrate of silver had been increased to two grains; but the tongue was
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"Perhaps of all tendons, those which have been most under notice are the
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broth. Milk, eggs, cream, and butter are particularly suit-able, on aooonnt
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of affection of the thyroid gland, with irritation of the sympathetic nerve, in
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air, with the object of preventing the development of thoracic def ormitia.
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Translated by G. Whitley, M.D. With Notes and Appendix by F. R. Sturgis. M.D,,
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Art. XXXIV. — Elements of Surgical Pathology. By Augustus J.
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thii purpose. Chloroform should be inhaled to centred the eonvslMB.
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much liquid at meals must therefore be prohibited. The patient siunid
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coated with the same kind of fur, the breathing seemed rather more difficult,
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that the failure of artists, to represent the larynx in depth as well as in
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the general pervading tone of egotism which is betrayed whenever claim
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the "raised" inferior turbinate is figured by E. Zuckerkandl (Xormal und Patholog .
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bacillus, which has been sterilized by evaporation. It contains toxiDi
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calcium phosphate, it indicates urinary stagnation and decompositioii
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ceptibility of individuals to typhoid; because their own experimental
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had an attack of rheumatism in her arm, and complained of pain the whole
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more vigorous brea^liing, and there is no better way of accompliafaing it
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single cells sometimes appear larger than whole groups in other figures ?
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ovaries, labia, urethra, vagina, and mammary glands. The complieatiaoB
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is good, not only for hypersecretion and hyperacidity, but also for add
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White, Dislocation of Tendon of Biceps Muscle. [Jan.
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able, patient leprous." " Exhausted from long labour — version and cra-
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shoulder of the same side possible, followed by the remark that "■ this
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have been rupture with retraction of some of the fibres of the deltoid
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