his mind." Within two years the tumour had become much larger "The

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applied to the sacrum for three or four hours; he never wanted the catheter

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operation should always be performed, miless contraindicated by pro-

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recent communication — farther observation appears to have confirmed him in

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Bloxam, Professor of Chemistry in King's College, London ; in the Department of

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" Post-mortems showed congestion of vessels, sinuses, and membranes of brain ;

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breathing, which she described as a feeling of suffocation similar to that

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XI. Paget' s Disease or Malignant Papillary Dermatitis (Thin). By S.

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In gunshot injuries of large vessels, several instances are given where the

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mide, best in doses of 2-3 O. (30-45 gr.) in 100 O. (3 oz.) of an alkaline

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has been necessary. Sahli has demonstrated clinically the efficacy of Tciy

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Great Britain, etc. With plates. Fifth edition, enlarged and carefully

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general one operation was sufficient to effect a cure, in other instances the

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refuge in codein or especially in morphine hypodermically. Prevention

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Diet — Great loss of weight frequently is seen in this disease. This

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gradual (see p. 437). The author very rarely uses nutrient &iimm, m

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The work concludes with a brief chapter on the prevention of senile disease.

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ter paresis). The physician sits by the bedside, facing the patient, with

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diminish and disappear temporarily. The functional troubles are due to the in-

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narcotic thus applied, in order to reach the capillaries, and to enter the cir-

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flcial respiration must be carried on simultaneously. There are ttree

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The water, if cold, should first be warmed in a double boiler. The

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involvement with extensive cavity formation upon one side and attended

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almost complete for a year and quite marked for eighteen months.