he became trulv the "beloved physician" to a large class of patrons.
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He was the son of Thomas Brooke, Member of Parliament,
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being made legally compulsory, as among the Jews, though he
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located in the manufacturing city of South Bend, Ind.,
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confidence, any and every line of suitable professional
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^ Doctor of Medicine of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of
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has come a daughter, Virginia, who was born on May 15, 1901.
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ance Company, 139 Broadway, N. V., assisting the sur-
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pediatric physician in the Polyclinic, and attending physician in
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excessive use of liquor, especially of an inferior quality, is liable
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coupled with homoeopathic medication, had generally recovered.
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Consulting Ophthalmic Surgeon, General Memorial Hospital, New
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ney, O., read a paper on " Hygiene of the Superstitious Ages,"
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possibly ever shall be, of the nature of mind grasping feebly for
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tuberculous, and syphilitic subjects ; and although it is often
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To a single condition accompanying her first confinement, I
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appeared in "Wood's Library" for 1883), it will be a matter for
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or large veins should be tied if torsion is insufficient. Slight
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the colleges. Important suggestions toward the accomplishment
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readers of the homoeopathic medical journals of a year ago are
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parents of a son, Dr. Frank Hamilton Potter, who died in 1891 ;
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Suture would certainly be more worthy of trial in wounds
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cially he takes part in Catholic club affairs, and is a devout member of
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not seen her brother since her second year. A few years
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dysphagia, risus sardonicus, muscular contractions coming
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may be introduced into our bodies in the air we breathe, in the
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now discussing Dr, Benjamin's results, and the Journal of
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example, there will be an obtuse angle on the dorsal surface of the fingers
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eighteen months in the Brooklyn Hospital, he entered upon the prac-
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bacteria or bioplasts as it is in others where no such connection
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tions, and many other medical and scientific bodies. During all these
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flatulent distention of the stomach, and is a valuable remedy in
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of milk, a baby's natural diet, the mistaken mother " builds up"
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hunger for oxygen. It is obvious that this increase in the number of respira-
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avail is the utmost care on the part of the physician in making
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he was appointed Couniy Physician, a position he occupied
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the American Health League, the National Association of Pension
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fra). If there be fresh pain, we should at once resume the acid, aspirin, or
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more than forty years he has been constantly and excln-
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of the Homreopathic Medical State Society ; of the New
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quent, has nowadays almost disappeared. It is very con-
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office at No. 1298 Madison Avenue, New York City, since 1894.
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forearm will be in a position midway between pronation
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which have just refused to admit women to compete for positions
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fellow. His occupation is that of commercial traveller, visiting
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