been recommended because in one case it was successful. It proved

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fore, it is safer to take i>ains to avoid the development of acidosis

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seen in some syphilides and in purpura, but other symptoms of the fever

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of the stomach. Its digestion is really performed in the intestinetf alone.

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there was always copious, clear, yellowish, viscid exudation. The sensations

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Barker's Gluten Food " B " 5.9 Casoid Biscuits No. 3 7.8

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the fever not infrequently gets lower and lower and finally diaappeiit.

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dressings avail nothing ; for, afc the bottom of the depression, and hidden by

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The second part of Book Third, the concluding section of the volume, is

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directed to overcome: (1) the internal rotation of the humerus; and (2)

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Ueach the teeth. While all of these salts, calcium, sodium, magnesium,

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the reverse of the sign of dislocation, originally pointed out by Mr. Calla-

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in gastric affections. Prepared as pur^, however, they are not so diffi-

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elimination of uric acid which has previously accumulated in the blood

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The diet must be nourishing and easily digested, with no food tkt

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Subcutaneous injection may be carried out in the same way, and does

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in a large proportion of these uterine cases the operation will prove not

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[Theoretically calcium carbonate influences the relations between the

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Her temperature taken at this time was 103-g- Fahr. On the morning

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up to 4-^ G. (60-75 gr.) i>er day, in powders or tablets. The author

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situation as when we last left her, though she said she was worse, and the

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[An excellent mouth-wash and gargle is the following copied tnm

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iiiien its vapor is mixed with that of water. There are wantanm

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opinion. In the experiments of the latter, when the nervus vagus was

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Case 10. Male, set. 51. Right hemianopsia limited in the left eye by a line

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on the already depressed respiration. Ammonia, if given at all, is best

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and work is resumed; all cases who continually relapse soon after n-

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articles on cerebral localization stand in the first rank of contributions to

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