that it is only to be worn during the day. There is really no difference
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The sweating should be repeated two or three times a day. Aspirin sod
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heart, and hence the hypertrophy. This hypothesis is probable, but not certain.
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procedures; for both in the human subject and in animals numerous
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March 13. Vision of left eye again failing; S. 1 D. V. ==- — Accom-
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f ermoitationy and so he allows them combined with the farinaceous f oodi
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covering details of control and discipline of employes and all included
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angina pectoris. With a coexistent myocardial or endocardial affeetioii,
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wool selected as being the nearest match to the rose tint ; whist letter q
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the less colouring matter will be eliminated by the injured tubules.
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** Intermittent Fasting. — ^If glycosuria persists at the end of four days,
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ral ; smell is impaired. The right half of the face is anaesthetic, and feels numb and
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glass beaker. Meanwhile, the veins of the patient's arm are made to
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circulation by accumulations of pigment particles around the minute blood-
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to the members of the profession, to whom they properly belong. Nor would
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found advisable to empty the stomach of all remaining food and m&c^
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■ also from an almost continuous and abundant perspiration. These dn»-
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usually in the administration of quinine. Frankel recommends at least
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From this period up to the 10th of January, the general health of the
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ture that the quantity of blood flowing through the intestines was increased.
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been diagnosed beforehand, and was a rare accident. To attempt to scoop out
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which, however, are credited on the amount of fees paid for the ensuing Winter Course.
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