men who are unfamiliar with the chief lesions represented. Dr. Taylor
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subsiding, as in Jarjavay's cases, in two, three, or four days, by the super-
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XXI. The Field of Disease. A Book of Preventative Medicine. By
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Lumhar Puncture. — ^Recently lumbar puncture, repeated if neces-
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the list of remedies, and neurotomy is mentioned favorably as an operative
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of the disease has not resulted in sndi a uniform acceptance by the more
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which further experience would have to decide, because the "expectations
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from a hurt of this nature. I am very sorry we could do but little for her ; but
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rinsed out By the time he is six or seven, he should be able to brush
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latter case, the connective tissue fibres are broken up by the formation
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appearances demonstrate cause and effect? viz., mechanical pressure of
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The skin on the upper arm of the patient to be tested is first pre-
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granules of the diphtheria bacilli are stained black or dark violet and the
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Mazzoni's, in which compression was tried for three days before resort
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canals perfectly free, and mucous membranes identical. Patient able to
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the removal of morbid growths, and the cure of prolapsus of the urethral
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coryza, unless the rhinitis be of a vasomotor origin« The old method of
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fibi *ous, muscular tissue not being reproduced when once destroyed," while
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as showing the increase of electrical resistance by reason of high tempera-
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minous or malto-leguminous meals, and beef juice (2 tablespoonfuls added
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the greater risks of delivery at full term. With the advantages of rais-
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commends the use of Physick's guillotine, as the best instrument — it being
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is separating, we may aid the process by a free douche of carbolic acid solution,
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but unless the diagnosis of the t3rpe of constipation is first accurately
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will convince any one that of the many using the microscope with arti-
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whidi is oxidized to salicylic acid in the body, so that its action after
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the long head of the biceps were a structure easily recognized by palpa-