charges. There was no cranial nerve paralysis excepting loss of smell and of

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the fact that movable fluid was in his tympanic cavity. Bubbles were

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generally eiBcacious. In case thef aU fail, we are thrown back cm our

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individuals, however, its efficacy wears off with use. To increase the

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dissolving the poisons. Large doses of the saline hydragogaes are ahn^i

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to tubercnlosis of the liings, the most important remedy, besideB thon

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aliment, and if it be injected its albuminoid and fatty matters simply pass out of

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towns very comfortable accdmmodationa can be obtained at low rtta

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355. New York : William Wood & Co., i 883 . . . 252

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and with the facts of anatomy and physiology, to justify me in placing

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There was one case of well marked metro-peritonitis—- it promptly re-

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daring the night or in the morning. For this purpose, equal parts of

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Lister's dressing and iodoform, but they are attended by the disadvantages of all

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marked cases, a halting or jerking in the movements of the eye toward

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proved (81 per cent). Syllaba reports as cured or improved more than

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cotemporaneous observers will prove it. If I am right, future generations

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diseased kidney, or of (2) pure renal colic. Their therapy must be

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of the meal (e.g., apple-sauce, prunes with the skins removed, or iiiiiiBft>

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could be felt on the sound shoulder. All attempts at replacement were

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brane which holds it in its groove must necessarily be a much later phe-

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vein [which ?] also increased in size, and the thrilling sensation extended down-

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that he dispensed with glasses ; .but there was no change for the better in

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calibre of the auriculo-ventricular and ventriculo-arterial orifices. To these

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the hemorrhage was the plugging of the vessels with bacilli.

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was " an admirable exposition of the present state of knowledge on the

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this method will produce an immunity at least as enduring as that pro-