Carbohydrate, the Absolute Total Being Kept Constant. — If this
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marked in the icteric than in the non-icteric children.
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found involving the left occipital and posterior parietal regions to within ^ inch of
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necessary to life ; but w T hether it may be plucked out with impunity from
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cent., but it cannot compete with chloroform, because it possesses no constant
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large tumour over external jugular vein, slightly pulsating. Auscultation
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1884.] Burnett, Oliver, Dropsy of the Left Middle. Ear. 129
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To sum up our general impression of the work, we would say it is really
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lecompanied by hyperacidity. Its action is due, as Gterfaardt has shown,
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diseases generally, and because of the importance of an accurate diagnosis,
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the presence or absence of essential features of the pavilion system in some
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showing the frequency of previous syphilis in this disease. In 88 of these cases
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or (2) of hypermotility of the stomach, or (3) of intestinal catarrh.
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Silver Nitrate. — Silver nitrate is peculiarly valuable, as it has an
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Beyond the comparative rarity of the affection, the striking feature of the
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Cholera : A Disease of the Nervous System. By John Chapman, M.D., M.R.C.P.,
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gotten that an obstinate case of chlorosis, which resists all hygiene and
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which is of great importance to mankind, and it is filled with the spirit of
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sidering the situation of the tumour on the base and its extent, it is
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Prague, and which range over a series of ten cases, and in those made at
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of the humerus, which slipped forward and inward, increasing the projec-
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she had had no food or medicine except by the rectum, for the coma was so deep