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improvement. Yon Mehring has observed that opium has more effect in
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side of the abdomen as was done in the first and second cases of Dr.
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preferably rabbits — ^injected with pathological rather than with normal
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externally ; much congested, the right particularly. After a simple incision,
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into boiling water, or into cold water and then brought to a boiL In
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[Hunter suggests (1) antisepsis of mouth, (2) of gastro-intestinsl
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ral Marine Hospital Service, he said, that when practising in Kane,
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often or in large quantities. The digestion of starches, of course, does
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the dwellings of the city, or elsewhere, except in the lying-in house. 1
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on the shoulder, a crepitating sensation was experienced under the fingers, simu-
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the patient must consent to fast for the first 24-48 hours.
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was said to return to its place and the pain to disappear, while the hand
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nutritive values must be taken into account in calculating the dailj
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15th. 10th day; 7th day of fever; 10 A. M. Dr. H. present. Temp.
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tubular breathing and moist crepitation over upper half of right back ;
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empty the bladder in the recumbent posture. In half an hour after the
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sions, treatment of pedicle, dressing, nature and weight of tumour, result,
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has been noted. Since favorable results have been reported to follow
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cases on record in which this eye-disease was caused by inflammation of
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tinue the cauterisation and lotion of sulph. cup. — apply a blister over the
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ten days. Soon after this, about eight or nine weeks ago, she seemed to be
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seems more composed, though still labouring under depression of mind.
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AlfaJine-snline Waters* — ^To reduce this primary catarrii and icterus,
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rus. This drawing inwards permits, in spite of the elevation of the head
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blessed achievement will, I believe, never be wrought by the knife of the sur-
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The fourth hundred, as we anticipated, covered a less period of time, and