the two is " casual and unimportant, and of little clinical value." The
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upon everything as tuberculous in which the bacillus is found. By those
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of a syringe of Dilution YII, or even after a hundred-millionth of a cubic
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to lie just beneath the acromion. Mr. Soden gives excellent reasons for
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of their cases ; and Drs. Frattina and Borsini, each 2 out of 3, i. e., 41 out
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eczema, even in the most severe cases, the connective tissue remains un-
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cannot be determined, so that the asthma is apparently a primary affeo-
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2 Tbe colour-vision of the right eye having merely gotten to the very early stage of
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than glycerine, for the hygroscopic properties of which for such a purpose
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ble ptosis, from paralysis of the third, fourth, and sixth pairs of cranial nerves.
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tinct ; they seem to be glued up with a semi-opaque celloid substance. The
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cases of pleurisy with ^fusion caused by tuberculosis or carcin<Hna. He
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which do not act unfavourably upon the arterial tunics. Of the observa-
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salvarsan as soon as the chancre appears there is a convincing and growing
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white matter. A small cysticercus 5 mm. in diameter was found on the inferior
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a mixed diet with an ample sapply of vegetables and fruit. In practice,
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of its antidote as does arsenous acid. Fortunately its antidote, iron and
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found vision in this eye to be g 2 F , and according to the patient's statement
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liquid's flowing bade during the passage of the tube over the larynx*
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ConiraindicatianM far Cold Baths or Packs. — Contraindieationi for Ae
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spine accorded witli appearances described by Thore and Hervieux.
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Dry and Warm. — The dry and warm coast climate is very stunnlitp
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added to a tablespoonful of warm water which has been poured into
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by suitable hydropathic measures^ which at the same time are the most
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in all inflammatory conditions of the intestine and peritoneum; akei s