contrast to the placid course which those pursue from whose diet fat has

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training is not worth all the time it costs. Practical men, as a class, are

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ation of vessels caused by fractures which would thus be converted into

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The phenomenon of h3rpersensiti2ation sometimes suddenly appears

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phagia which had previously formed some of the most distressing and most serious

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Falta has seen a diminution of the glycosuria by treating the thyroid

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doses of sodium or potassium bromide during the attack and advises iti

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applied directly. This condition is, however, best treated by an eye

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don of the biceps, which has been dislocated internally, is in a state of

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The fresh pnlp of pigs' kidneys, macerated and then acted upon by

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rioles of the lung, or (2) chronic and passive, caused by hindamMei to

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tion of all his tests, viz., that the tubercle bacillus has a peculiarity of

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occur. In a few cases slight disturbances of sensation have followed

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In October, 1883, the patient was again seen and examined. He had

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we hardly endorse. That these lenses should have correcting adjustment

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At 2 o'clock P. M. called to see her again with my brother. Her par-

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quires great discrimination. In chronic interstitial nephritis, a disease

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diseases, which affect the innervation of one or all of the three motor

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arsenic springs are of nse (see p. 161). If tiiere are coincident alt^ikp

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thymus enlargement, and sometimes to precede an operation, adviae ex-

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thing that mercury can do can be conveniently effected by the small-dose

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will not. Should this result be confirmed, it is evident that Ebstein ia

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lation by reducing the number of pulsations of the heart, but that never-

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a degeneration of the cartilages. The ribs become immobilized in Hk

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Case 4. — Margaret Green, set. 29, entered on Monday afternoon, Nov. 29,

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" the head of the humerus is considerably enlarged, and that the long ten-