the bed ; (2) keeping vessels of steaming water near the bed; (3) plung-

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to the inhalation of foreign substances. Attention is directed to the fact

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firm, is, as a rule, loose and yielding, and would probably stretch con-

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women in health and menstruating regularly. During menstruation a speculum,

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and every care must be observed so as to avoid an error of diagnosis.

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now healed up. Dulness of sound more extensive over the affected side.

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the patient died almost instantly, probably from the above cause. In what

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The volume opens with an interesting contribution from Dr. William

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with one or two drops of ferrichloride, into "Prussian blue." Injected into the

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gen peroxide [or perborate of calcium, 2 per cent.] at least as a mouth-

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avoid any overloading of the stomach, high position of the diaphragm, or

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an embolism of the pulmonary vessels. Such a danger, however, is gen-

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The observations made may be briefly enumerated as follows : —

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edge of the biceps could he both felt and seen. The cause of this is

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had been inflicted by the breaking of an earthen vessel, a peculiar suffocating

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Haden-Baden or Wiesbaden in Gtermany, Bex, Lugano, Mcmtreox, or

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introduced into the rectum ; but after two or three insertions, allowing

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^XKimends either Priessnitz'B applications, or particolarly Sooteh

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I the bent fingers; in the latter, the right hand with outstretched fingers

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n free acidity. If not controlled the first few days by giving the usual

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Alkaline'SdUne — Common Salt Waters. — ^The bitter waters are gen-

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,a few lines outside of that fissure. Now it must be remembered that in

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marked difference was observable between their respective outlines. The injured

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priority in ovariotomy among the countries of Europe. All credit is due