the usual treatment. In case a purulent effusion is joined with the

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The subjects which follow are traumatic aneurism, gangrene from

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periodical erection may be inconsiderable and give rise to no inconvenience,

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inflamed appendix, adhesions of the appendix, etc.). To avert recur-

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commends a system which is still on trial, but upon a small scale, and which

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peculiarities, and not only so, but these vices of conformation are some-

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An absence of motor or sensory disturbance, except the affection of

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In 19 cases the salicylates were given in doses not exceeding one-and-

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she seemed unwilling to permit her mind to believe it, yet I think she was

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(Proc. Roy. Soc, No. 226, 1883) to augment the quantity of blood dis-

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the contrary, in splitting up give off organic acids (lactic, butyric,

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now he holds, it would be blamable not to resect. The operation, when per-

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vessels, for the reason that he has found them lined with lymphatic endothelium.

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stored up in the portions of the brain in which those sense perceptions

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Sir Joseph Lister, are now found practising quite widely different modes

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the patient next day with Dr. Leach ; the course of symptoms exactly

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dence of cerebral disturbance was an occasional attack of vertigo. She became

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facts detailed, makes it clear that in flexion of the pronated forearm, the

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atnre does not reach its height after the use of pyramidon for aevm or

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and appearance to the late editions, but bearing evidence of considerable

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Malgaigne {Traite des Fractures et des Luxations, Paris, 1855, t. ii.

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the instruction in medicine even yet more effective.

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snd usually increases the dose about 1 mg. In very advanced cases he

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author an evident incapacity for eventual spontaneous reoovefy. 3. Qs-