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fatigable spirit of the President, Prof. Jos. Jones, to whose battle with
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at least very much limited, and even the lighter kinds should be limited.
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limited to iodine externally (and internally as potassium iodide) in sow
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durango. Excision is preferred to every other method of surgical treat-
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3 is strong, he should be sent to the high mountains ; if run down and
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Wet Packe. — One of the most common and useful of hydvopatkie
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passing through the point of central vision, and in the right eye by a line passing
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Mr. Soden), knew nothing of the clinical histories of their cases, as "rupture
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is it that they die very suddenly, and that often, when the occiput is so slightly
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Mbdigation : Alkaline Mineral Waters. — ^The regular medication in
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stream of hot tears gushed out of the conjunctival sac. The eyeball was
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pure milk at that meal. This will serve both to cleanse the stomadiaBd
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An exception will be mentioned later (see p. 238) . If the obesity is onlj
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soluble in water, so that, to counteract them, as in Ihe case of all adds,«B
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make one stroke with it over the obliquely slanting surface of the euttnre
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thus estimate the amount of tissue left for the caustic to act upon. The poste-
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These ruptured and left deep ulcers with copious discharge. The hands,
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was necrosed. Under the necrosed bone there was a meningitis, with adhesion
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nephritis relates to the treatment of cardiac complicationa In the
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on her feet, but would sink down again from weakness and exhaustion. Once
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from the normal in regard to the position of the large intestine and peri-
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gruous, and the more so because quite different from that given by the