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" This inward displacement of the biceps tendon, which Soden and others have

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normal salt solution, poured into a conical glass vessel and allowed to

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power in the arm. He was disabled for but a short time. The deformity,

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Case XVI. Sarcoma in the Frontal Lobe. — Male, set. 27 ; suffered from severe

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nutritive changes previously mentioned, and that the jaundice results from the

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is the time required for one molecule of blood to pass from one of these

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any malformation of the genital organs, further than a slight deflection of

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rant, but these details in no way detract from the interest with which these

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portion of a foetus of four months' development. Dr. Graefe therefore puts it,

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chanical fixation of the spine in twenty-five cases, and in all those cases there had

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first group. The most important antidotes for the commonest of these

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little preserved fruit. 3 p.m. : Tea with a roll. 6 p.m. : A cup of chicken or

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• Human Physiology, 3d edit. ii. 160. Philad. 1838.

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expected from any of these procedures, since the sensibility of die dkii

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true condition of the parts. Having cautiously introduced his hand through

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were infiltrated by embryonal elements disposed in linear rows. These rows

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Art. XXXV — Saint Thomas's Hospital .Reports. New series. Edited

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eating is followed almost immediately by diarrhoea or by a normal atooi,

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activity of the syphilitic virus; but the decision, and if affirmative, die

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Tapeworm Cure. — ^In the absence of any contraindications, we ^

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ing. In general the springs of medium temperature are preferable.

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any be found, now or previously, an incision should be made through the skin

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lesion are present in such an inflammation with others which are irreconcilable