upon the human female what had so long been held as practicable, but
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head and knees as near each other as possible in order to increase the
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my proteins or carbohydrates {e.g., fat, and green vegetables). (4) A
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of course, just as absurd to omit regular feeding by night as wdl as day
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The skin may also be painted every day with pure chloroform and
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milk into the blood it should be filtered, to prevent corpuscles larger than those
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is thrown off, but not to any very great extent. The vertebrae are sometimes
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The general principles underlying the treatment of all neuroses shcNild
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orifice, and consequently there may not be any augmented friction.
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retic hydrotherapy is indicated. Usually 2-4 baths given during Die d^
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to press strongly on the pit of her stomach. She complained of thirst and
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Best Time for Lavage. — The author believes that, unleea there k
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ing ; mental depression; loss of appetite; no pain, except on pressure;
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duct, and immediately opposite where the bloodvessels entered the left lobe of
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show. Professor Dunglison in support of a different opinion from ours,
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no unusual symptoms, and that it was treated with the usual remedies.
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" 5. Consequently, the wave of blood sets out from the auricle, traverses
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have had only two cases of contagious pustular disease of the head, viz., the
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knowledge, as he finds it embodied in the recorded labours and researches,
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should be to bring the fluids to normal and keep them there if we intend
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Cromwell, Conn., Oehrings at Bethd, Maine, and Poord's at KoifioDlDOiit
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resort first to diaphoretic measures, in the hope of breaking it up. The
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favors strained oatmeal jelly. The former uses mucilaginous soups pre-
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Choice of Veins. — ^It is sometimes difficult to find an appropriate Tein.
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{BresJauer arztlische Zeitschrift, No. 1, 18 7 9.) This affection, according
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the blood, bile-pigment being present in the excreta to an extent proportionate