Subsequent History — In about a year after her recovery the patient

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unimportant part in diphtheria in compariscm with the treatment hf

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taken from a case reported by Dr. Hopkins {Med. Times, March 24. 1883).

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In the event of both sides of the tongue requiring removal, an icraseur should

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hydrate should be tried, e.g., bread. In each patient the tolerance for

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degree. A trace of albumin and hyaline casts are present in almost every

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it aw r oke crying, and soon refused to nurse, spasms following six hours

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The Adirondacki. The Adirondack Cottage Sanatorium, Saranac

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Case XL VII. — Male child of J. D., white, aged 5 days, born April

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Salt and Carbonated Batbs* — In the early stages of the disease, salt

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drawn, and a tiny piece of Z.O. plaster or a collodion dressing applied.

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save life, we have no right to neglect it because of the possibility of

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always situated on the opposite side from the optic neuritis. This last

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opiate combined with an antispasmodic, tnreferably a hyi>odermie ef

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improvement had taken place, and I applied a small quantity of ung.

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that died from asphyxia by being accidentally overlaid. The difference is

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serve to disscdve the massos of mncns lining the mncoos membrme in

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tinal catarrh. First, two which the author seldom uses, — alum, a 0.1-0.25

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amount of young, embryonic connective tissue in the immediate vicinity

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The book is neatly and carefully printed on good paper, and is fur-

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although the subject has much longer been under close observation by

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encumber pickles, and black coffee. Secondly — and this is Hie xaoi^

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ing crushing, contusion, etc., we fail to find a satisfactory account of the

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Baths of various kinds may also be given at home. First come sim-

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were the portals of the Temple shut against him because inheritance had

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Hartigan, the following report is respectfully submitted : Four of the speci-

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agencies, moral, emotional, and habitual, supplies wholesome reading upon

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frequency of its development is first the third, then the sixth, and very

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peared, he proceeded thus: he divided the vessel by a minute puncture, and

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in its behaviour towards sulphuric acid and potash bichromate, but not causing

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concretion of a viscid secretion; such, in fact, as is observed to occur in im-

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of primary chronic gastritis must treat several conditions: (1) lie

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physical or mental exertion, from persistent late hours, from sexual ex-

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effect on the central nervous system. General massage treats first the

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inflammation and no necrotic layers were seen around the plugged vessels. Sec-