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Carlsbad Salts. — Carlsbad salts, natural or artifioialy may be used

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Mr. Hargraves reported {Edinburgh Journal, 1837), a case of " partial

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and one grain on the fifth day. He also recommends five gramd

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ferent causes. An extensive review of the reports of Raimbert gives the

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vegetal alkaloids, if the post-mortem examination be delayed ; but probably, if

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was thought that very feeble pulsations' were seen. Some of the surgeons stand-

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older than two days. 2. Similarly, soft chancres must be excised in all cases

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which the lesion is least advanced, one may easily distinguish the deep layer of

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and peri-vascular lymph spaces. Thence they enter the lobular septa,

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optic thalamus on its posterior part involving the corpus geniculatum externum.

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where else; but a cure at Carlsbad will not necessarily reduce a patient

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practised student and the man of disciplined understanding will, almost at

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A stomach pump often injures the mucous membrane and hence duold

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it has been described as a special cartilage, we were unaware that it had

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tomical conditions with regard to ulterior renewal of the joint if anchylosis should

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temperature is down. If cough or pain in swallowing is responsible,

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erysipelas or lymphangitis en masse. There was chronic oedema with dermatitis

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test put off until the second. It should consist at first wholly of suitable

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consecutive nerve-tissue inflammation ; the former, capable of ameliora-

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variably produced, often of great intensity, such as phlegmonous abscess,

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follicles. With this case is cited one of true elephantiasis, contracted in a warm

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however, recourse must be had to laparotomy. Laparotomy is also indi-

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watch-glass which contains ferridcyanide of potash a few drops of ferric chlo-

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ligature. Xo opinion is expressed of the value of acupressure, but a very

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from venereal excess, masturbation, etc., are often the predisposing, and

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cases of drowning, we are certainly left very much at sea in the matter of

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In Chapter III., we come face to face with the raison d'etre of the book,

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9 Biflmuthi «t dndioiudiiii iodidi....0.02-O.10 gr.%-8clVb

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One Hundred and Eighteenth Annual Session, 1883-84.

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on absolute rest for 3-6 weeks. In such a case the diet, of course, nnist

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either a liqueurglaas of cognac mr half a wineglass of heavy wine (dieny

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which they have attained, it should not be forgotten that fine silk or

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Among these drugs, the first place should certainly be given to

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psychotherapy, regular or irregular, than from any variety of physcal

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