by affecting the hepatic nerves. In many cases the author has observed
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presence of organisms, as there is evidence to show that it is, may not
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mencing rigidity. The child, plump and healthy, sucked indifferently,
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Hydrochloric acid should serve us not only as an aid to digestion
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scope, which is especially desirable when there is danger of disturbing the
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ix. page 384 ; it was observed by E. Martin, and reported in Zeitsch. Geburt-
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The mechanical obstroetions mnst fiist be overeome, or, if this eanaoihs
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The first spasm occurred about 8 o'clock, being repeated every fifteen or
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the patient thereby unable to turn the eyes toward the left side. Where
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apply correct principles in many particulars, viz. : as to height of pavil-
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and the sterno-mastoid, were held aside by a retractor. The windpipe
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the subject. There is, however, further described an unusual form of
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as is that of myxcedema. The former disease is to a certain degree the
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liferation of embryonic epithelium (transitional forms) takes place. These
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on account of the presence of too much membrane. The author rec-
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but little ; bowels costive. There was an ash-coloured spot over the two
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the results of the bacteriological examination are known when the disg-
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abdominal muscles without substantial pain. The application smst fitf
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The argument to sustain this theory is ably and clearly stated, but it
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temperance in the use of wines, coffee, tea, and tobacco in any exeess.
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week (1.5 c.c. (23 min.) of the 15 per cent, alcoholic or 20 per cent
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western parts is best. The mean temperature for winter is about 36^ ;
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If clerks, grocers, machinists, sea captains, and city politicians can be
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Take five heaping teaspoonfuls of granulated sugar and one cake of Ffeii^
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the interior of the mouth was blackened. A blackened groove, a quarter of an
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streaked over the surface of the LofSer's blood-serum culture medium,
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Care of tho Teeth. — ^Every person should cleanse the teeth and rinse
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fretful perhaps, it only needs a little improper handling (if the bones are
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Mr. Henry T. Butlix, under the title From the Department for
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The chapter on syphilis, as far as the theoretical part of it is concerned,
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food. Although they contain nudein, it does not, as Kossd has shown,
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At the meeting of the American Gynaecological Society, the discussion
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nutrition who takes and digests a large amount of nourudiment during the
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followers. This subject has been admirably discussed by Barwell, who has
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which appeared to have undergone thickening just at that point. A very
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Feb. 6, 1839. By Laurens Hull, M. D., President of the society. 8vo. pp. 14. Albany,
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tion as liable to be confounded with typhus fever ; and it may be observed
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of followers. It is used as in tuberculosis of the lungs. It must be
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adjacent parts of the vagina can also be removed if they be involved. I have
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all their appurtenances, and to the removal of sewage. After some valua-