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of the postero-external columns, in the developmental stage of a tabes

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vails in the worst form. It is called there, and in South America, seven

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must be (1) that of a gouly diathesis in general, and (2) that of ibe

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tary training in America as well as throughout the woiid are all factors

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particularly for the protracted form of the disease, deaer?es meDtim,

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ated at various points. If it can be proven from a study of the other

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under 2 years and 2000 units for oae above that age. W. H. Park tells

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from anything which had been done for her since her illness. She desired

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Army, and Dr. J. M. Brown from the Navy. Col. Geo. E. Waring was

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had any success from their use, especially in the form of nephritis under

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vol. xiii. No. 81, Sept. 1838.) — In this paper Mr. Gulliver adduces various

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As to the manner of production of these bodies chemically, I do not propose

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all of which the first temporal convolution was involved. Unfortunately,

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ration of the organ. When the ovary has been but slightly changed in

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bone. In the case of the inferior turbinated bone, the swollen and engorged

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that any thoughtful physician cannot fail to recognize the importsnee j

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the Registers of the Singing Voice and the Falsetto. By T. Wesley Mills, M.A.,

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sponge or wash-doth wet with water at 45**-60^. He is then mbbed

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emphTsema is acoompanied by obesity, the treatmait demanded by tte

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symptoms : local painful muscular rigidity (most important) ; pulse

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and about every two hours ; meanwhile he is kept absolutely quiet and is

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eyes watery ; conjunctivae injected. Tongue pale and furred ; pulse small,

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vulsive inspiration, accompanied by a noise as if the air was drawn forcibly

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it may become necessary to treat it sympt<Hnatically with cUorofom

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[The importance of early operation (gastro-enterostomy) in caaei of

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winter; the other seasons affect him in the following order: — Spring,