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the upper part of the legs were quite removed, those at the lower part

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for dilatation caused by spastic contraction of the pylorus or by (Nrganie

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General Diseases (pp. 285). Of these first come affections of the circula-

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forefinger firmly against the occiput, about half an inch from the lambdoidal

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plicity argue in favor of this method, but experimental and clinical evi-

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treatment, tracheotomy having been successfully performed in one, the

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protection against the direct rays of the sun. Here the patient spends

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Ophthalmic and Aural Surgeon to the Central Dispensary and Emergency

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. . . ^'It is my impression that cases of long standing will actually

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there must have been a valve-like fold of mucous membrane or a small

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Hardening Procesa. — Of especial importance in the prophylaxis of

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Per a discussion of their effect and the method of giving them, see p. 288.

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Essentials of the Principles and. Practice of Medicine. A Handbook

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the Biceps Muscle. 1 By J. William White, M.D., Surgeon to the Phila-

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title of House Committee." The whole subject of planning and erecting

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Of the 229 in the table, the duration of disease of 207 only could be

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in its behaviour towards sulphuric acid and potash bichromate, but not causing

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It may be said in passing that breathing exercises are contraindicated

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ined, carious or necrosed bone could be removed, and a ready and direct exit

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pregnancies, as follows, which, for brevity, we have here presented under

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with a criticism of the observations of others on the point, and takes exception

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which is by far the longest as it should be (760 pages), devoted to diseases

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(without the use of a mydriatic) that the nerve of the right eye had still

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Pancreatin. — ^Pancreatin seems to the author to deserve a higher

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typhus fever, cholera, etc. These are the principal diseases of the so-