fnrample in scarlet fever and diphtheria, it is often best to irrigale sr
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portent alkaline saline waters of Europe and the United Statea.]
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At the time of his arrival, March 8, 1883, the leg measured 22 inches
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it referred to elsewhere, viz., the exceeding pepperiness it develops in
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question of the causation of disease is comprehensive, masterly, and fully
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a moderate current, or place the anode on some painful point. In jtisX
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we aave time and also get the advantage of a warm drink and of the
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2-4 G. (30-60 gr.) at a dose; or combine it with the subgaUate as in fte
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the mean time have only to recommend the volume under review as a
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and on the dorsal surface is a well-developed nail. On the proximal end
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moving paper of the kymographion. The apparatus was further soar-
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the water stimulates &e movement of the stomach, and the contraction extends
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stance that the tendon of the biceps was not, as it usually is in cases of this chronic
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transparent when examined ophthalmoscopically, i. e., by transmitted light.
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alluded to. It therefore only remains to determine whether the mean
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ably a local anaesthetic), or diver nitrate are also used. In cardialgia
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A third preparation of binnnth is dermatol, bismnth sabgallate, •
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since that diaphoresis might relieve many of the symptoms. He began by trying
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Doaage. — Iodide of potash in ten to twenty grain doses three times
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especially to be recommended (peas, beans, lentils, etc.).
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bowels, employing for months the baths above described, and intestinal
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till about the first of August, when he ceased to attend. He returned,
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and thyroid gland were similarly held and retained inward. At this
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ing only help the worker in special fields, they are useless for the gene-
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ment the aortic arch was pushed up to a higher level in the neck than usual. The
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to, and for which reason we mention them in this connection. The first
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and drawers and then his sleeping clothes. The rubbing is repeated
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doubted advantage, affecting, as they do, the cause of the disease.
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and marvellous cure brought about by this simple method !
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the rectum (salt solution or enemas containing bouillon, either akne or
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