By J. Graham Brown, M.D., late Senior President of the Royal

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always normal ; the urine contained neither sugar nor albumen. The patient

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unyielding, from the direct connection of these tissues with the subpubic ligament

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and free from spasm, although her paroxysms before and immediately after

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ment, and plainly showing the effects of prolonged indulgence in alcoholic

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narcotics, or, as the author has i>er8onally proved, by the use of a drug

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Mr. Savory said that he would first object that by no reasonable operation

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whole year there, if desired, or simply the winter, coming lower down

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symptoms of mercurial poisoning were not present. We may also reject

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respiration rude and blowing ; under the right blowing. Right posterior

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to keep it in place ; or it may simply be covered with a piece of flannel, in

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ous or toxic patients are improved by ingesting large quantities of water.]

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to the whiteness of the rest of the field, and are then as easily distinguished

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Diy Knbfk — ^To harden the skin against undue sensitiveness to un-

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as to the permanent benefit likely to be derived from it.

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October 1st, 1883, and will continue until the end of March, 1884. Preliminary Lectures

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refuses food which he nsnally likes, becanse he believes that he cannot

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these cases. Such is not the case, as Dr. Sayre is very explicit in stating

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YxNXSBcnoK. — ^It should be remembered that chlorosis is one of the

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middle of the calf. These two great sinuses seemed to limit, above and

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6th. The inflammatory action is extending down the forearm towards

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gestions may not be amiss. Mentone, especially the Bast Bay, is the most

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ven if the dilatation is only moderately marked, stagnation of the

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1884.] Transactions of the American Surgical Association.

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Case IX. — Female child of H. W., coloured, died April 1, 1879, aged

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drink. Many practitioners, the author included, use alcoholic drinki^

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litus, is sometimes valuable for patients with stomach disease. It jdmj

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voluntary movements are attempted, characteristic ocular troubles, as nystagmus