and also from her attempts to drink. She got a most violent spasm when the

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Qsoal course of treatment when called to relieve an acute attack is

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to make obligatory the elevation of the fragments in simple depressed

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Aspirin or other salicylate preparations and Priessnitz applications are

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The numbness and coldness of the left side now gradually disappeared.

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x>nstipationy presupposes a good stomach, strong digestion, and a good

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Schnabel, Mauthner, Priestley Smith, and Brailey. It cannot be claimed,

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demonstrated. So far as the present form of therapy is concerned, we

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bladder, rectum, genitalia), styptics [or epinephrine (adrenalin)] must

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es, we proceed to other methods. These consist in specifie toberou-

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8vo. pp. x., 687. New York r G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1884.

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dilatation of the pupils. On irritating the posterior part of either anterior

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(viz., hemiplegia, apoplexy, epileptiform attacks, and frequent headache) ; the

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ceptible and highly sensitized animals may be completely desensitised

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with the treatment. I will add that Mr. Teufel, of 114 South 10th

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improved, provided constipation still exists, a change is made towaidi

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wart, Schwalbaeh, and particularly Szliacs in Upper Hungary. TKe

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disks, muscular fibre, and fibrous and connective tissues. It is evident

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the discharge of the waters, they are wholly interrupted, so that we may

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urosin (lithium quinate), sidonal (piperazin quinate), chinotropin

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tiema must not be given before the last has been discharged, or the intes-

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Lactophenin. — ^The drugs most commonly used are antipyrin, anti-

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might not be entirely free, I gave a pill consisting of blue mass and extract

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Moselle wines, the former being preferable as the less acid. The wine

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Gastric Crises. By Robert Kirkland, M.B., of Cheltenham, England . 462

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turbances, sleeplessness; depression — symptoms which demand an imme-

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