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doses of from one to two drams (4 to 8 grams). Gbttheil recommends a
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end, it must be followed by an increase of the proteins, in the most easily
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flow is to be explained by the ease with which the blood passes from the
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crete pustules varies from one to two lines, to half or three quarters of an
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ward rotation of the arm forcing the tendon from its sheath without either
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and also there were not adherences with the skin, in spite of the existence of
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face of which is stamped the size in French and English scale. The sizes
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as small-pox, peritonitis, suppurative inflammation of the leg, with inflam-
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throat. Hot gargles {e.g., sage or maUow tea, sometimes with the addi-
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at Elster, and Beinerz, Bippolsan and Cudowa are often of great heipi
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the other case, a woman 27 years of age, the irido-choroiditis led to atrophy of
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this is the appearance, says Mackenzie, which is found in by far the greater
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The following are the conclusions reached by Park, Zingher, and
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Mariaibad water may be taken in combination with some bitter water.
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Disturbance in the function of the eye-muscles is observed in many
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It is of course impossible at the present time to point out all the state-
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water the tube is inserted into the mouth of the patient, who should A
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qt. a day, or enough to keep the specific gravity of the urine at about 1.025
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The structure of the alveolar wall and that of serous membranes,
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it least an hour before by irrigation with one quart of water at the body
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the scalp this gangrene involved the periosteum, so that superficial necrosis of the
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superior recti muscles, and the internus of one eye, due to cystochondroma in the
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clean. Pulse 60, small and feeble ; skin moist ; temperature natural.
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of baths or packs. For the latter purpose, especially, he prefers the
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adapted to the general reader, the physician will find it to his advantage
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We can no longer believe that the most nourishing diet demands an
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runs its course, in spite of treatment, to a fatal issue. Dr. H. C. Bryson
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Under the head of A Case of Blepharoplasty according to the British
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menorrhea. It is impossible to conclude that, if flexions do not cause the most
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with ichthyol (1 part of ichthyol to 5-1 parts of vaseline or glycerin).