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infarctus was composed of leucocytes and cholesterine crystals. The tissue for

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and abscess soon follow. In some cases, however, a long time elapses

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the posterior cornu of the lateral ventricle. The optic thalami, corp. quadri-

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having been incomplete. The exact defect of vision in the foreign cases

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statement of deaths of all ages certified by the coroner for 1879, one of the

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san be only partially washed out, and the mucus and undigested masses

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When the spasms came on her she would call furiously for air, for the doors

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Cathartics. — ^In the majority of cases, then, the indication is to expel

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Iron. — The author cannot recommend iron, iodides, or eucalyptus, the

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diminish the bad effects of scratching. For the itching itself one part

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The advocates of vaccine therapy claim for it the following ad-

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Abundant Thin Secretion. — In case of abundant thhi seenfioi

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to the conclusion that in the early stages, when the arteries are dilated,

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O. (3 oz.) of a 2 per cent, solution of coUargol may be injected into the

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ments. The second case had already been published in the British Medical

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Theory of the Astigmatic Pencil, which do not admit of condensation.

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Retention of the Placenta for four days and a half — Mrs. S. was con-

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these diseases are more conveniently referred to under the heads of air,

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white blood globules (leucocythaemia, etc.). c. By emboli formed by bacteria or

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to 1882 inclusive. By Edward C. Seguin, M.D., etc. New York: G. P. Putnam's

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The sweating should be repeated two or three times a day. Aspirin sod

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to promote the absorption of the exudate in lobar or bnmdiopneaiiioiiia

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particular account of the case, I was anxious to give you a faithful history