Figures after the Life. By the late Mr. William Cowper (p. 75).
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KMFer (Styria), 96°-102°; Warmbrunn (Silesia), 77^-104°; Wild-
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he woody parts of vegetables, all alcoholic drinks, all those containing
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eiia, and theref (Hre for those with urolithiasis. The vegetable acid alka-
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Eichoff's case, a phlyctenular keratitis. It was affected with the disease
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heart-muscle to progressive degenerative atrophy. — London Med. Record, Feb.
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when the superficial part separates by the ulcerative process, hemorrhage
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brandy has a similar effect] Haut Sauteme enjoys a popular reputatkii
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to the plan of Captain Liernur, and especially to the more extended test of
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of the subjects discussed in this work, from which it is hoped a fair esti-
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treatment by means of subcutaneous or intramuscular injectioDa of
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such baths produce at first a slight rise of temperature (generally under
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is of frequent occurrence, but nevertheless to be condemned, as exact
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be taken one after the other on an empty stomach (only a swallow at a
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'Weir Mitchell' treatment of pi^choneuroses, as often applied, » itB
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thought out. He handed round a photograph sent by Dr. Kocher, showing the
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Mr. Butlin, and they had extended further. The acini and ducts were
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the best Minkowski reports satisfactory results in 80 jmtients with a