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ularly lithium benzoate and lithium citrate, easily soluble in wa^, and

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mortality, other than those that can be destroyed by Listerism ; and in

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much more soluble.] If we desire a slightly sedative effect^ the hydro-

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arsons with hyperacidity whose symptoms aze worse if there is too

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one tablespoonfnl every other hour). Lactophenin apparently has no

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cover the etiology of the attack before determining its therapy. It wmj

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dred and two days, as the limit. The United States and Great Britain

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Hippocrates, 1 and by Celsus 2 who followed closely in his footsteps. These

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rare, and so far as Dr. Holt can learn this case is unique.

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its nature, not only on account of the presence of the vesicles, but from the

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under review contains this report ; the remarks made by Mr. T. Spencer

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not an attainment of so much difficulty as is often imagined. It requires

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it considerably forward ; it was also found to be almost divided into two equal

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the mode adopted by the Germans, in pushing up and stripping with the finger

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we do not believe that the beneficial effects of such reactions have been

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accidents^ for example. There are, however, many excellent features,

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the matron as head of the housekeeping department, or if this is not the

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and covered the whole nipple, and, after some time, the breast became hard.

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ment described above, using the first three numbers about four weeks,

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when it is desired to stimulate the walls of the stomach and intestines, as

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fireplaces. 7. Dry heat and steam. These means can only be used in special

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Of 51 cases of cancer of the uterus there were: 1 case of primary cancer of

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and chopped raw beef, occasionally cooked or raw fruit, caviar, sardines,

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be answered by experiment in each individual case. One patient, for

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habits, of ordinary stature, and about 34 years old. She told me that she

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Cotoine, first isolated in 1875, by Jobst, of Stuttgard, is the active substance of